Aroma Focus 500ML Maison Berger Oil


Lampe Berger has a new name:  Maison Berger Paris

Aroma Focus: The Aroma Focus Lamp Refill is beneficial for concentration and creativity thanks to the aromachological virtues of essential oils of peppermint and rosemary contained in the fragrance. The Aromatic Leaves fragrance is made up of rosemary, for the Mediterranean touch as well as very vegetal green notes. The liveliness of the peppermint is accompanied by the rather spicy star anise and the tonic smell of basil. The composition ends with a note of cloves and basil. This pure perfume is therefore very appreciated because it makes you discover new surprising olfactory tracks that make wander your spirit in the sunny regions of the south

  • Top notes:  Rosemary, Green notes
  • Heart notes:  Star Anise, Peppermint, Basil
  • Base notes:  Clove, Basil

California law prohibits the sale and shipment of Maison Berger/Lampe Berger into the state

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