Lampe Berger Signature Lamp Space #5622

$1,700.00 $500.00

  • Catalyst/wick, funnel
  • Complete instructions
  • Designed by Jean-Baptiste-Sibertin-Blanc
  • Silver plated metal
  • Retired Signature Lampe Berger

Please note: signature lamps are packaged in logoed box surrounded by packing material that is fitted to the particular shape of the lamp.  This is our last one of this signature lamp style; we are selling it below wholesale.  We will require signature confirmation on this lampe.  This lampe has been on display at a few trade shows. During the shipping back and forth, the logoed box has sustained some physical wear and tear, not affecting the product.

California law prohibits the sale and shipping of Lampe Berger fragrance oils into the state

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