Maison Berger Summer Night Frosted Gift Set 314567


  • funnel, catalyst/wick, 250ML Summer Night included

The new Summernight Frosted Lamp Gift Set is the perfect accompaniment to warm, endless summer nights. The frosted glass cube lamp comes with a 250ml refill of our Summernight fragrance. Enliven the air with pops of joyful orange. Floral notes lend a hint of romance as citrus accords bring their own touch of excitement. Fresh eucalyptus and citronella connect you with the joy of spending time outdoors. As evening turns into night, this scent dances on the air like fireflies shimmering in the dark. This fragrance is for outdoor use only.  

The Summernight fragrance sparkles with joyful bursts of orange. A floral bouquet adds romance accentuated by citrus accents of verbena before culminating in the menthol freshness of eucalyptus. This fragrance is for outdoor use only.

With its exclusive patented burner, Lampe Berger is not only a lovely decorative piece, but one that provides three unique and essential functions:

  • Elimination of odors
  • Safe purification of air
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Top notes: Orange, Verbena
  • Heart notes: Citronella, Jasmine
  • Base notes: Eucalyptus

Sorry, but California law does not permit Lampe Berger fragrance to be shipped into the state

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